my classmates – Edoardo Luppari

And now… let’s talk about an italian classmate: Edoardo.

After a week together (breakfast, lunch, class, dinner) I feel he was looking for something, a photo, a story, a direction for his life and work.

He seemed not to be satisfied with his work… maybe I’m wrong, but this is what I felt.

I think instead his way of shooting the archeological excavation was feesh and new, and his photos of the mask and of the caterpillar are very good.

So, here is Eduardo…


Editing his photos before Bob’ critique.


Night of final show: his hand when trying to grab something to eat or drink…

Buona fortuna Eduardo!


One thought on “my classmates – Edoardo Luppari

  1. Thank you Giovanni. You got the point, I was and I am realy looking for something, maybe to understand the real reason why we shoot and why we should produce fantastic images to be seen by the world.
    I know this maybe doesn’t have much to do with photography in a strict sense and maybe does’nt help anyone in making better pictures or to work better as a professional photogrpher. It is just my philosophical attitude, that always brings me not to be satisfied with immediate answers and to ask myself at every step what’s the meaning of what I’m doing… maybe that’s why I coluld look unsatisfied with my work sometimes, because when you really look for something, things around you MUST be a bit darker. Then light comes, like it’s coming in these following days, when my vague reflections helped me to take some way with a stronger commitment. And it’s always a story of dark and light!

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