my classmates – I due “de Roma” (Two guys from Roma)

Now I want to talk about two guys from Italy, Fabrizio and Kim.

They’re from Rome: this is enough to describe them!

They’re often late for the afternoon critique but they’re so nice guys (also some pictures they shot) that nobody wanted to rebuke them, even Bob.

They’re talking about girls all the time: every girl in TPW seemed to be fine and worthy of interest!

I envy Kim for his age: he’s only 20 and he’s a lot of time to experiment and find his own way as photographer!

Here some pictures


Night of the final show (part 1): “De che ahò…”


Night of the final show (part 2): Kim has been surrounded by fine girls!


Fabrizio talking to the “model” of his picture story in a bar in Pienza.


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