slide show – “Pelino”, shoemaker

Some pictures from TPW!

I want to start with a picture story about “Pelino” (english “Short hair”).

He’s a shoemaker living in Pienza: almost every person born in Pienza has a nickname (his father’s one was “Pelo”, in english “Hair”).

I saw his shop, his lab and he taught me how to make fine handmade shoes.

If you want to see “Pelino” at work please click here (it’s a slide show with audio).


2 thoughts on “slide show – “Pelino”, shoemaker

  1. Hello.
    I love the slideshow of Pelino. Nice work. I found it while searching for shoemakers in Italy.

    My wife is going to start a business designing and selling fine shoes. We’re searching to find a small-business in Italy that would be willing/able to make shoes based on my wife’s designs, and sell them to us for resale in the U.S.

    Do you have a way that we can contact Pelino to tell him our story?

  2. Does anybody in Italy still make the shoe Capizo, They were made in the sixty’s names of shoes T-Strap, Baby doll , wishbone? They are the best shoes that I ever wore. I would love to find them.

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