slide show – Enzo, a barber in San Quirico D’Orcia (Italy)

I met Enzo in a shining morning: he was waiting for customers at the entrance of his shop.

We started talking about his work and how many times he was the main character in a picture story (San Quirico D’Orcia is very close to TPW location and Pienza).

He was so kind and patient! He shaved me while I was taking photos with the camera on my legs (as you can see in the slide show).

I think it’s a nice picture story, thanks to Enzo!

If you want to see Enzo please click here (it’s a slide show with audio).


A special goodbye to Luciano Pavarotti: he’s the sound track of my slideshow.

slide show – “Pelino”, shoemaker

Some pictures from TPW!

I want to start with a picture story about “Pelino” (english “Short hair”).

He’s a shoemaker living in Pienza: almost every person born in Pienza has a nickname (his father’s one was “Pelo”, in english “Hair”).

I saw his shop, his lab and he taught me how to make fine handmade shoes.

If you want to see “Pelino” at work please click here (it’s a slide show with audio).