short movie – “I love sushi”

Hi folks!

Today I feel lucky: I had lunch at a Sushi Bar near Florence with a nice girl, aka “Little Shadow”.

She’s my friend and colleague (in this order, I hope) and she often make my work easier, along with another friend of us, aka “la Vero”.

Again, I feel lucky because I’m testing my brand new Canon G9 in movie mode.

So this is my first movie with a real actress: click the image below to download (3 MB) this masterpiece!



short story – Big Pidgeon

As you know, I live in Lucca but I work in Florence.

Florence is about 80 kms far away from Lucca, so every morning I’m used to drive my car for about 1 hour to reach the company in Florence, and every evening for 1 hour back to my home.

It’s boring, stressful and dangerous: italian highways aren’t a safe place, believe me!

So, every time I can I take a coach: more relaxing, you can read a book, watching a movie on your ipod, talking to someone.

But … waiting at the bus stop is annoying and there’s a lot of traffic noise and pollution: a day I took my camera with me and I tried to describe it.

Here is that slide show with audio: please take a look at the big pidgeon, “Paloma”, a bronze sculpture made by Botero on 1990.

In a world where human beings live in small boxes made with steel, plastic and glass, called “cars”, also a pidgeon must be artificial!


Italian: “La Paloma dello scultore Botero è tornata al suo posto originale: sull’aiuola davanti all’aeroporto di Peretola a salutare fiorentini e turisti che arrivano in città. La statua in bronzo, nota anche come “l’Uccellino”, dopo i lavori di maquillage ha riconquistato la sua posizione originaria sul piedistallo in marmo bianco di Carrara. La Paloma è stata realizzata nel 1990 in bronzo, pesa 1.500 chili è alta 240 centimetri e le sue dimensioni sono 215 X 155 centimetri.”