only pictures – My Friend VERO (Butterflyfish)


I’m late this march: I’m very busy at the moment, I’m working hard and my camera is still “sleeping” in its bags along with my beloved lenses.

But… I have a very little story about a friend of mine, Veronica, aka HIH (Human Internet Hub), she definitely knows why!

She works in my company in Florence, but several months ago she scheduled to come back to her roots, i.e. Milan. I was shocked, “when you lose a close friend you lose a part of you”, Confucio said.

Now I can celebrate I’ll be in touch with Veronica again!

Here is Veronica.






short movie – “I love sushi”

Hi folks!

Today I feel lucky: I had lunch at a Sushi Bar near Florence with a nice girl, aka “Little Shadow”.

She’s my friend and colleague (in this order, I hope) and she often make my work easier, along with another friend of us, aka “la Vero”.

Again, I feel lucky because I’m testing my brand new Canon G9 in movie mode.

So this is my first movie with a real actress: click the image below to download (3 MB) this masterpiece!