slide show – Enzo, a barber in San Quirico D’Orcia (Italy)

I met Enzo in a shining morning: he was waiting for customers at the entrance of his shop.

We started talking about his work and how many times he was the main character in a picture story (San Quirico D’Orcia is very close to TPW location and Pienza).

He was so kind and patient! He shaved me while I was taking photos with the camera on my legs (as you can see in the slide show).

I think it’s a nice picture story, thanks to Enzo!

If you want to see Enzo please click here (it’s a slide show with audio).


A special goodbye to Luciano Pavarotti: he’s the sound track of my slideshow.

slide show – old people, from Pienza (Italy)

This is the picture story I like most: it’s about some old guys met in Pienza, in a wonderful afternoon.

“Topone”, “Dante”, “Baffo”: old men are used to call each other by nicknames.

I really don’t know the real name of these nice old guys: frankly it doesn’t matter, because that afternoon was one of those moments that made photography the joy it continues to be for me.

If you want to see them please click here (it’s a slide show with audio)

slide show – “Pelino”, shoemaker

Some pictures from TPW!

I want to start with a picture story about “Pelino” (english “Short hair”).

He’s a shoemaker living in Pienza: almost every person born in Pienza has a nickname (his father’s one was “Pelo”, in english “Hair”).

I saw his shop, his lab and he taught me how to make fine handmade shoes.

If you want to see “Pelino” at work please click here (it’s a slide show with audio).