In 2006 I was student in the first Canon Academy workshop with two excellent teachers: Bob Sacha and Bruno Stevens.

In 2007 I was student in the TPW workshop “Spirit of People” with a fantastic and easy teacher: Bob Sacha.

And, as Bob told us in his workshop (and in his blog) …

<<< I’ll let you in on a secret to success as a professional photographer:
Keep making photographs, all the time, every day.

Make it a part of your life.

  • create self-assignments,
  • create a photo diary
  • make a blog (like this one. It’s free),

Competition is fierce. If you’re making photographs all the time, it’ll be a lot easier once you hit the real world. >>>


July 2008, workshop Canon Academy with Erminio Annunzi and Gianluca Colla.

November 2011, a worderful workshop with Jodi Bieber, the 2011 World Press Photo winner!

December 2013, a workshop Leica Akademie Italy, with Massimo Mastrorillo e Giuseppe Andretta!


2 thoughts on “::edu::

  1. Mi piace la tua dedizione e il come ti sai destreggiare nel proporre una storia fotografica. Molta anima nelle tue foto. Argomento curioso e darkamente interessante..

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