slide show – Grotta del Vento near Lucca (Italy)

Your favourite photographer is back!

In my real life I’m working hard and I have no time for pictures in the weekdays.

But… God created weekends, so last Sunday my huge family and I went to “Grotta del Vento” (something like “Wind Cave”), a very famous cave in province of Lucca, Italy (click here for the map)

Situated in the center of the Apuan Alps’ Natural Park, this is one of the most complete European caves, presenting an extraordinary variety of phenomena.

Following illuminated and easy-going trails, we admired the many wonders of the underground world: from shining stalactites and stalagmites to polychrome flowstone, alabaster draperies, crystal-brimmed lakes, underground water-courses and bizarre forms of erosion.

Please click on the image below to start a small slide show.

Grotta del Vento


slide show – Napoleon Festival in Sarzana (Italy)

Last sunday I took some pictures at the Napoleon Festival in Sarzana, a nice town near La Spezia, Italy.

Sarzana is located in the Liguria region, in the low Magra valley.

The city is situated in the heart of Lunigiana, religious heiress of the ancient Roman city of Luni from the XIII century.

Why Napoleon Festival?

The Buonaparte family were from minor Italian nobility who held most of their property in this town: so the genealogy of this family should have started from Sarzana (as stated here).

So every year there’s a festival with a replica of an ancient battle, with few hundred men wearing 18th century uniforms (this time they were about 300) besieging Sarzana, with original and replica rifles and cannons.

At noon, in the main square, two cannons fire against soldiers to simulate a counter attack against the besiegers.

Eventually, besiegers and besieged have a square meal, drinking beer and wine together, as friends.

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