small thoughts – Plato, The Republic, Book VII

Some weeks ago I read a book, “Meglio ladro che fotografo. Tutto quello che dovreste sapere sulla fotografia ma preferirete non aver mai saputo”, by an italian ’straightforward’ photographer, Ando Gilardi.

I love this book, and I was impressed how mr Gilardi commented the famous “Allegory of the Cave”: he thinks Plato is talking about photography!

Platone – La Repubblica, libro VII, L’allegoria della caverna
Plato – The Republic, book VII, The Allegory of the Cave

Here a link to a post about the book, and here another article by Gilardi.


slide show – Lucca, something different (Italy) – part II

Here’s the second part of my “different point of view” about Lucca, where I live (the first part is here)

This time I made a small slide show with narration, I’m evolving (IMHO, at least!).

A big thank to Francesca Gasperini for collecting “audio poems” in her web site: there I borrowed a nice poem by Giovanni Pascoli, “il Gelsomino Notturno” (“the Night Jasmin”).

Please click on the image below to start a small slide show with audio.


short movie – “I love sushi”

Hi folks!

Today I feel lucky: I had lunch at a Sushi Bar near Florence with a nice girl, aka “Little Shadow”.

She’s my friend and colleague (in this order, I hope) and she often make my work easier, along with another friend of us, aka “la Vero”.

Again, I feel lucky because I’m testing my brand new Canon G9 in movie mode.

So this is my first movie with a real actress: click the image below to download (3 MB) this masterpiece!


small thoughts – about John Wayne

Maybe you listened John Wayne’s voice in my last post about Pole Bending.

While I was surfing the Net for something about John Wayne, I found the inscription on his gravestone.

This inscription reads:
“Tommorow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learnt something from yesterday.”

What else should I say?